Saturday, 7 April 2012

2010 Organic Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Dong Ding (King Tea)

It's always a lovely surprise when an order of tea comes with bonus samples. I think I ordered some kuding from King Tea off Ebay, and along came a little brocade bag with a sample of Taiwanese milk oolong.

Dong Ding (冻顶 - lit. 'frozen summit') refers to tea bushes taken from Wuyi in Fujian over to Taiwan, which were originally planted on Dong Ding mountain, while Jin Xuan is a type of varietal of tea that naturally has a milky flavour.

The leaves are rolled into small pellets with the distinct aroma of Jin Xuan - sweet milk, with an edge of graham cracker and vanilla. Unfurled, the leaves are large and mostly whole.

The liquor is a bold greeny-yellow, with the aroma of sweetened milk and popcorn. The flavour is light, buttery and sweet, with a slight grassy edge. It's a very smooth, creamy oolong, but not cloying or excessively sweet. There's a slight floral aftertaste in there too, though it's quite subtle.

This is a very fine tea - I think I might get of the 2011 and see if it's as nice.

2010 Organic Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Dong Ding at King Tea


  1. I got a sample of that with my order of Melon Seed tea. Without a doubt one of the best Jin Xuan's I have ever had, rushed back to ebay and ordered a pound of it.

  2. Have you tried the 2011? Is it as good?

  3. I dont know about the 2010, it was the 2011 I sampled and bought 500g of.