Saturday, 23 June 2012

Te Med Rabarber & Vaniljsmak (IKEA)

I openly and unabashedly love IKEA. I know that entering that cavernous blue box unprepared can lead to madness (especially if you're trying to furnish a whole flat), but I go there for the food. I have gone to IKEA just to eat lunch, and the food market is one of the few places I can get Swedish food. Sweden's more of a coffee country, but IKEA does sell a small selection of loose leaf teas.

This is an organic Keemun, flavoured with rhubarb and vanilla. The leaves are small, dark and broken with an earthy aroma of vanilla with some fruity rhubarb underneath.

The liquor is a deep mahogany, the floral Keemun compliments the acidic rhubarb in the aroma, while the vanilla is surprisingly subtle. The flavour is quite mild, with a slight tartness and a decently orchid-y Keemun note. The vanilla has largely faded the the back and the aftertaste, and it's hard to pinpoint the rhubarb exactly, apart from the astringency.

This is a pleasant tea, it won't blow your socks off, but it's more subtle than most flavoured teas (especially for a mass-produced product like this), and it's definitely the best tea you'll buy in a furniture store.

Te Med Rabarber & Vaniljsmak at IKEA


  1. I like the idea of using Keemun as a base for a flavored tea, as much as I'm not a huge flavored tea person. Rhubarb also sounds intriguing as a flavoring to blend with black tea.

    1. I love rhubarb in any sort, and now I've been throwing a few slices of raw rhubarb into this tea. By the time I've drunk the mug, the rhubarb is soft and has absorbed nice vanilla and Keemun flavours.