Thursday, 5 July 2012

Temi SFTGFOP1 1st Flush Sikkim 2012 (Granville Island Tea Company)

I came across the Granville Island Tea Company in the middle of the market on (surprise) Granville Island in Vancouver, where they had a nice assortment of first flush South Asian teas for sale. I snagged a bag of their Sikkim black (as well as a spinach bagel from the bakery next to it). I'm pretty excited about this tea, it's hard to find a higher quality than a first flush SFTGFOP1.

The leaves vary from greenish nibs to fine black swirls to fuzzy white tips. And the aroma? Oh man. The leaves smell of pineapple, sandalwood, and sunshine.

The first steeping brings a tawny liquor with an fruity, sweet aroma, not unlike Froot Loops, but with an earthy nudge of mint. On the tongue, there are notes of mint, sandalwood, hay, pomelo, and a decent touch of astringency rounding out the end.

Second steeping brings out a caramel note in the aroma, as well as pineapple, roses and incense. It's become sweeter, with astringency receding (but not disappearing completely) and with a gentle mint aftertaste.

This is an absolutely gorgeous tea, as bright and summery as a black tea can get, with lovely complex flavours. Snag a taste of this before it's gone. I'm torn between trying to savour this bag slowly, or enjoy it while it's fresh.

Temi SFTGFOP1 1st Flush Sikkim 2012 at Granville Island Tea Company


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    1. Yes, at the link at the bottom of the post, you can get it from Granville's site. It is a lot more expensive online than in person, though, but it is available. I think Rate Tea Republic also carried this tea, but they might be out.

    2. yeah.. pretty expensive...
      i wish they had smaller batches, so i could try it befor buying..
      thanks fo the link and the article!

  2. This leaf does look pretty good; I tend to really like these greener Darjeeling-like teas.

    1. It really is quite green! It's almost like a South Asian oolong.