Friday, 30 November 2012

Camel's Breath Pu-erh Tuocha (Chicago Tea Garden)

This pu'er from Chicago Tea Garden is one of the best and weirdest named teas I've ever seen. I'm unclear on the origin of the name and since Chicago Tea Garden is now closed, I've been having a hard time finding out about the name. (Help me out here?)

The mini tuochas are shades of brown and tan with good-looking ripe (shu) leaves. The aroma in the bag isn't camel breath, but sweet, floral aroma of sea-breeze.

The first steeping has a dark, opaque liquor with a ruby red tinge. The aroma is sea-breeze and roasting sweet potatoes with just a hint of dark chocolate. On the tongue, it's very smooth and sweet, with tastes of earthy forest and chocolate, with an almost salty aftertaste.

The second steeping has an aroma more like whole-grain toast, dark chocolate, and damp earth. The taste is quite sweet, like orchids, and is then followed by quieter sea-breeze salty aftertaste. This tea really is a lovely balance of sweet and salty, though having never smelled a camel's breath, I can neither confirm nor deny that this is what it's like.

World of Tea, the successor to Chicago Tea Garden


  1. Hi K! Sounds tasty to me.

    I could be wrong but I always thought "Camel's Breath" was just a quirky marketing term invented by Silk Road Teas (a good tea company based out of California) over a decade ago. I bet they would know if there is any kind of story behind the name.

    1. I quick Google gave me nothing, so I might just try that!