Thursday, 22 November 2012

Instant Butter Tea (Gangqin)

I've tried Tibetan butter tea (po cha) before, namely in Chengdu's Little Tibet, and I quite like the flavour - though because of the saltiness I think of it more as a tea broth than a beverage. What I didn't know was that you could get an instant version of it! Gangqin's instant butter tea comes in little packets of powdered tea, butter (not sure if cow or yak), and salt.

The powder is a grey and smells sweet. 170ml of boiling water and it looks like cream and tea, but the aroma is definitely the buttery aroma I remember! It tastes salty and creamy, just like the real stuff. This is absolutely spot-on butter tea, I would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between this and freshly made tea.

There's also a sweet version available with no salt, but that seems more like the plain milk tea that's available, well, anywhere you have tea with dairy - it takes away from the uniquely Tibetan (and admittedly acquired) taste of butter tea.

Instant Butter Tea at Gangqin (in Chinese)

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