Monday, 28 January 2013

Tung Ting Vietnam (DavidsTea)

I really love Taiwanese oolongs, so I'm really intrigued about this Dong Ding. It's not from Taiwan, instead, it's from Vietnam! I've never had Vietnamese tea before, but we'll see if this oolong is close to the Taiwanese original.

The leaves are big and green and balled nicely. The aroma of the leaves is sweet and buttery, with lots of vanilla, with a fair bit of floral notes - more than other Dong Dings.

Kaboom! These leaves have unfurled and they're huge! The liquor is pale greeny yellow with a creamy, buttery vanilla aroma.

The flavour, like the colour, is rather mild. There's nice buttercream vanilla flavours, some interesting tart piney-ness, maybe even bordering on citrus. There's isn't a big graham cracker wallop like Taiwanese oolongs, but it's got an interesting tangy orange flavour.

This is a milder Dong Ding than the Taiwanese original, but it's interesting, and Vietnamese teas are pretty hard to come by! Actually, I think I'm going to see if I can find any more Vietnamese teas to try.

Tung Ting Vietnam at DavidsTea

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