Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2010 Yunguminjian "Yue Cheng Yue Xiang" Ripe Pu'er (Menghai Gaoshanyuan Tea Factory)

I'm going to start drinking more bings of proper pu'er instead of the tuochas I've been previously sticking with. This is a cheap 'n cheerful 2010 bing of ripe pu'er from the Menghai Gaoshanyuan Tea Factory in Xishaungbanna, Yunnan - it's probably way too early to drink, but I'd like to give it a tasting now and then again in a year to see how it's matured. The name should be a hint - 越陈越香 - basically, "the older it is, the better it tastes".

The bing is tawny brown with big brown machine pressed leaves and stems. It comes apart easily and a bit powdery and has a mild aroma of wet earth.

The first steeping is a deep dark reddy mahogany with a earthy, sea salt caramel toffee aroma. The first sip is smooth and buttery, but very mild in flavour. There's some nice dusty earthy pu'er in there, some warming roasted caramel, and some nice umami, but it's all very smooth and light, it's not particularly big or bold.

The second steeping has a more salty, ocean aroma with a darker caramel note. The flavour is bolder, with more roasted earthy pu'er, but also with a sweeter note. There's lot more umami and savoury notes too, but still no astringency.

The third steeping is lighter in colour bit with a similar sea breeze and caramel aroma. The flavour by now is quite light, wet earth and the ocean, but there's still that caramel toffee flavour. I really like that, it's unusual but tasty flavour.

I'm going to put part of this bing away and see how it tastes in a few more months or a year from now. Let's see if it's name is true!

There's no website to buy this pu'er directly, but it can be found on Taobao and Ebay.

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