Friday, 1 February 2013

Second Flush Darjeeling (DavidsTea)

Another little sample from DavidsTea is their second flush Darjeeling. This would be a 2012 second flush, and a FTGFOP1 grade. You don't often see too many second flush teas labelled as such, they normally don't get as much of a promotion as first flush teas get.

The leaves are gorgeous - big and twisted, with orange and green tips mixed in. There's a bold, earthy floral aroma here, really nice. I'm really excited for this tea.

The first steeping has a crisp dark red colour with a toasty, foresty aroma. The flavour is very bold, with roasted morel notes, but not bitter or coarse. There's a light floral aftertaste, and only a tiny amount of astringency.

The second steeping is a lighter red with a wheaty, roasty aroma. The flavour is less roasted and with lots of umami and mushroom, morel flavours. There's a sweet, honey aftertaste, and no astringency. This is a wonderfully complex Darjeeling, I'm really enjoying it!

Second Flush Darjeeling at DavidsTea

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