Saturday, 16 February 2013

Shaded Leaf (Mellow Monk)

The wonderful folks at Mellow Monk, whose teas I enjoy so much, sent me a bag of their Shaded Leaf fukamushi kabusecha. Before picking, the leaves are covered for two weeks, and then the leaves are steamed longer than usual. This tea came third at the 2012 North American Tea Competition, which makes me wonderfully excited to try it.

The leaves are a gorgeous jade colour, with long curled tendrils. The aroma in the bag is wholesome, buttery, vegetal, like deep shaded evergreen forest.

The liquor is a cheery pea-green with a toasted aroma of fresh summer peas, cantaloupe, lush green grass with a mineral edge.

The first sip is sweet and juicy, like biting into fresh melon, and then switches to a slightly roasty green grass but with a bold mineral profile. It's completely smooth and almost buttery, but very clean and crisp. This is an incredible, gorgeous and complex tea - the flavours keep on changing and evolving. Love it! This is perfect for waiting for spring to arrive.

Shaded Leaf at Mellow Monk

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