Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tazo Earl Grey Full Leaf (Starbucks)

I don't normally go to Starbucks - I prefer Tim Hortons for coffee and snacks and little companies for tea - but a good friend of mine generously gave me this big tin of Tazo Earl Grey with lavender, made from a blend of Indian and Sri Lankan black teas (though I can't find more information than that). The tea comes bagged in silk sachets, which look porous enough to work - I won't cut them open to use loose leaf this time.

It's hard to see through the bag, but the leaves are big and full, not CTC, with added lavender buds. The leaves have a strong, sharp aroma of bergamot citrus and a quieter lavender aroma.

The liquor is a dark, hazy auburn, with a mostly Ceylon floral aroma with a bit of lavender.

The first sip has an initial tart zip of volatile citrus oils, followed by some flowery, sort Ceylon flavours, with a fair bit of vanilla tastes. The aftertaste is all lavender, but then, so is anything with lavender in it! There's no astringency, and it's very smooth, though the tea itself is a bit overwhelmed by the bergamot and lavender.

The silk sachets actually seem to work pretty well - they give the leaves enough space to unfurl and let out their flavour. It's a pretty good tea, despite coming from Starbucks.

Tazo Earl Grey Full Leaf at Starbucks

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