Sunday, 17 March 2013

Corn Tea (Dongsuh)

I often grocery shop at a wonderful Korean supermarket here in Toronto, and I've noticed they have a large tea selection. Most of the tea is cheap Japanese sencha and genmaicha, but they have a huge selection of Korean tisanes. I've already tried a hydrangea and brown rice tisane, now I've decided to give oksusu cha (옥수수차)- corn tea - a shot!

The roasted corn kernels come in huge teabags, as long as a pen, and are meant for big 2L pots of tea. I'm going to cut this bag open and put the kernels in a big pot with a strainer.

The kernels are chopped and with a slightly more herbal popcorn aroma. The liquor is a light orange with a gentle roasted corn aroma - somewhere between popcorn and sweet corn.

The taste is sweet, like corn niblets, with a nice, juicy, almost fruity flavour. The roasting is quite mild, there's a little bit of toasty popcorn and it helps give some depth to the tea. The aftertaste is very much like grilled corn on the cob.

For such a simple tisane, there's a lot of interesting and delicious flavours here. I bet this will make a lovely iced tea when it warms up outside.

Corn Tea at Dongsuh (in Korean)

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