Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lune Rouge (Mariage Frères)

Lune Rouge (red moon) is another tea from Mariage Frères that came in my big haul of French teas. Mariage Frères gets teas from interesting and unusual places like Thailand, and puts together some interesting blends. Lune Rouge is Thai green tea with ginger and rose.

I've never had the chance to try Thai tea before, but the leaves are gorgeous, big and long and twisted. There's a tonne of dried ginger in here too, plus some rose petals. The aroma of the leaves is largely spicy ginger, with a bit of rose underneath.

The liquor is a slightly hazy tawny gold with a peppery ginger aroma with some grassy green tea notes underneath.

The first sip is smooth, with delicate rose and dried grass green tea flavours. This is followed by a slightly vegetal note that blends with the ginger in a miso-like aftertaste. The ginger isn't too spicy, and it blends well with the green tea and rose. It's very smooth, and with almost no astringency.

I really like this tea, and I'd love to try some straight Thai tea now. I think Mariage Frères sells some, but they're a bit expensive to order to Canada.

Lune Rouge at Mariage Frères

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