Sunday, 8 September 2013

Labrador Afternoon Tea (Salmonberry Origins)

The first of my teas from the Arctic is Salmonberry Origins' Labrador Afternoon Tea. This tea is an Assam base, with wildcrafted labrador tea leaf (a type of pine traditionally used to make tisanes in the Arctic) as well as ginseng, orange peel, cinnamon, rose hips, and rosemary.

The tea comes bagged for convenience, but since it's also available in a loose-leaf version, I'm just going to cut open the bag and use it loose.

The leaves have a sweet, spicy scent, you can make out the orange and cinnamon with a sweet edge of rosemary. The Assam leaves are small but glossy and good quality, not CTC or fannings.

The aroma of the tea is Assam maltiness, with some sweet and spicy notes, largely from the orange and cinnamon, with a slightly herbal ginseng tang.

The flavour starts with a mild, sweet Assam and pine note, followed by more orange and cinnamon, then an interesting and complex aftertaste - you can taste the herbal notes from the ginseng and the rosemary, but also with a sweet toasty graham cracker note, as well as a bit of tartness from the rose hips (but almost no astringency). It's a complex and stimulating tea, I quite like it!

Labrador Afternoon Tea at Salmonberry Origins on Etsy

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