Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Yuuki Funmatsucha (Mitsui Meicha)

When is a matcha not a matcha? Matcha and "powdered tea" aren't actually synonymous, matcha being milled from tencha green tea leaves (which are grown in a similar way to gyokuro). Any other powdered tea technically shouldn't be called matcha - this is an organic funmatsucha, a powdered green tea made from ryokucha (basically just generic green tea).

I'm debating if I want to whisk it in my matcha bowl or just stir a spoonful into a cup of hot water like the label recommends. I haven't used my bowl since I moved, so I guess it's time to dust it off!

The powder is an olive-green colour, different from the bold green of a matcha. It sifts well, but seems to not as finely ground as matcha. The powder has a big bright, grassy, fruity aroma.

It takes a bit more effort to whisk than a matcha. The aroma is some freshly mown grass, as well as dry prairie grass, with a sweet floral note. The first sip is very bold and astringent, it's dry grass, some juicy apple, and a bit of a vegetal note, followed by a slightly bitter and very astringent aftertaste. It's a lot rougher and more rustic than matcha.

Yuuki Funmatsucha at Mitsui Meicha (in Japanese)

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