Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Jirisan Young Leaf (Jeongdawon)

South Korea is better known for its tisanes (corn or hydrangea, for example) than its teas, true tea tends to be grown as a labour of love by small independent growers, and so tends to be expensive and hard to track down! This is an organic green grown on Jirisan, one of the most famous mountains in the country. I'm not sure exactly when this flush / grade was picked, all I know is that it's "young leaf". It may say on the label, but I'll need to help of a Korean speaker for that!

The leaves are large, flat and loosely twisted, with an olive-green colour and a rich vegetal aroma - spinach and almost hops.

The liquor is a pale gold with an aroma that starts off a bit like roasted rice, but then gives way to green grass and corn on the cob.

The flavour is distinctly vegetal, with spinach and roasted rice notes, but not particularly complex. The aftertaste is freshly mown grass with a touch of vanilla and some more roasted notes, and with a juicy mouthfeel with no astringency. I'd say it's closer to a Chinese maofeng than anything else, but more roasty.

Jirisan Young Leaf at Jeongdawon (no website, but can be found on Ebay)

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